How to Pack a Moving Truck

Packing a moving truck for a long-distance move can be an intimidating task Here are some tips to help you make sure everything gets to your new home in one piece:

1. Back the truck close to the largest door of your home and, if possible, park where the sidewalk is high so the loading ramp will be level as possible.

2. Load heavy appliances first, tying them securely to the rings along truck walls with rope. Pile smaller and lighter items on top until this section is packed tightly to the roof and tied.

3. Next, load large furniture including sofas, beds, mattresses and box springs. Pack mirrors, and pictures in packing crates cushioned with newspaper. Stand them on edge along the inside of truck

4 . Place rolled rugs lengthwise in the center of the truck, wedged between the heaviest cartons, such as books and records (don’t pack any cartons over 30 lbs. or you won’t be able to lift them.)

5. Remove table legs and load table tops face down on pads or blankets.

6. Fill the truck to the top with boxes, chairs, and lightweight bundles, such as lampshades, or awkwardly shaped items, such as bicycles. Leave as little empty space as possible to prevent the load from shifting en route.

Extra Tips:

  • Make sure you label your boxes so that they can be put in the right room once you arrive.
  • Stuff towels inside the washing machine to keep the tub from rotating.
  • For large tables, remove the legs and strap them together (don’t use packing tape!).
  • If you have a pet, make sure he rides up front with you!

These are just a few tips.  For more expertise stop by your nearest JDM location.  We’ll make sure you’re all set for your move!

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