UPS/FEDEX Packaging Requirements

One question we are often asked here at JDM is how to prepare a package to be shipped via UPS, FEDEX or another parcel post carrier.  Proper packaging prior to shipping is super-important.  Not only do you want to get your package to its destination in one piece, in the event that something does happen to your item during transit, a shipping carrier will only pay out a claim if the packaging is determined to be up to their high standards.  Here are some tips to help you ensure that it is:

Step 1: Select an appropriate box:  Making sure that you have the correct box is an essential first step.  Not only should the box be of the right size (leaving 2-3 inches between any fragile item or any breakable or scratch-able surface, and the side of the box), but the box needs to be corrugated, of the appropriate strength (use a double thickness box for extra heavy or breakable items) and without any major bends, punctures or tears.

Step 2. Provide cushion and padding:  Any fragile item needs 2 inches of protection between it and the box and between it and other items.  All fragile items need to be independently wrapped or protected.   The item should be packed such that it is secure and not able to freely move in its box.  Cushion can be provided in the form of crumpled packing paper, loose-fill (p-nuts), bubble, and foam among other things.  A JDM packing specialist can help you select the appropriate material for the particular item.  Extra fragile or valuable items will need special packaging above and beyond these basic requirements.

Step 3. Ensure the box is securely closed:  If, after packaging, there is still too much “box” left for your item, you can cut your box down with a box-sizer or box-knife.  We can do this for you when you bring your box in or show you how.   Finally, seal the box with 2″ packing tape making sure to use 3 strips on the top and bottom flaps as well as sealing all the seams.

Step 4. Ship it!  Make sure you label your box with a marker in case the shipping tag becomes unreadable during transit. Then, bring your package in to JDM to have to shipped out.  Make sure you declare your items true value to make sure it is insured correctly!

Also remember, if you don’t have the time or if your item requires special expertise, come on in to a JDM store.  We’ll be happy to expertly package your item for a very reasonable price.


NOTE:  This advice should only serve as a basic guideline.  For more information please follow the links below to each carriers packaging requirement policy.





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